You have a retaining wall but the thing is you can’t seem to make it stand up for at least 2 weeks. You want to solve that problem and you got into this site. In this blog we will talk about the different ways to prevent your retaining walls from falling or you can ask a retaining wall contractor for advices and if you want to build another retaining wall. Ways to prevent retaining walls from falling;

  1. When making a retaining wall, you should bury the first course and make sure that the soil doesn’t push back your course towards front.
  2. You should step back blocks, rocks, and etc. so that gravity can freely help you move around. It allows the walls to properly lean and push into the fill.
  3. Once the walls are built get gravity working the moment they started to push outward.
  4. You should pick a trustworthy brand of base and if you don’t know what brand is trustworthy, you should install a base that solidly compact your walls so it will not fall soon.
  5. If you picked a base that solidly compact your wall, it allows the wall to be flat and that is good because it means that they will fit tightly against each other.
  6. The more friction your walls is and the more contact with it against the surface the better.

To add more knowledge about preventing retaining walls from falling, I will present you more tips in making your own retaining wall,

Direct water away from retaining walls

Makes it drier so that it can hold and secure the retaining wall

Design your walls for the site conditions and the material you are using in making a retaining wall

Again, the material you are using is very important so take note of that, also you should take knowledge in what your site condition has.

Walls that are strong and built correctly it does not need to use drainage

Some retaining walls looks well-built but they are not, a sign to know it is not well-built is when it has water leaking out of it.

Walls need maintenance

Walls are not perfect they need maintenance too

Where and how to plant trees and plants

Where you plant trees and plants are a big part of maintaining a retaining wall. It can affect its soil and the wall itself so always take mind on where trees and plants should be planted if you ever want to have a retaining wall built

The type of drainage and depth should be minded

The type of drainage should be taken note off it can affect your retaining wall big time and the depth of the retaining wall should be in the right depth.

Now that you know how to prevent retaining walls from falling, we hoped that you will be able to make a retaining wall that last.